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UDON visit

Some time ago our friends from Sevilla came to Barcelona for a longer weekend holiday :) We went to hang out in the shopping centre, to eat something and then party party, he he :D I think I'm a bit over-excited about partying.. But I can't help it, it's so much fun! This week I went out clubbing like 4 times O_O

Anyway, we were waiting for our Andalusian friends in the front of the shopping mall, hoping they won't get totally lost after our messy explications like how to get there. My explications were clear, of course, but my boyfriend kept messing telling them to just get the bus! Just get the bus! And I wanted to tell them WHERE and WHICH bus to take.. But Li kept on being Li so I was scared they didn'y really understand me.

While waiting for them, we took a picture that shows our extreme overflowing shiny beauty :D

we so ugly~

At the beggining we were thinking about going to the cinema, because our friends had their flight back to Sevilla at 7am next day, but eventually they decided to skip the sleeping and enjoy the night. We had to get some nice food before working, then! After making a short tour around the restaurant zone we decided to go to.. UDON, the chain restaurant I work at. However, I work at another shopping mall ^_^ So I went there and I will watching every move they make thinking "This is not how you do it!" XD
Basically UDON is quite expensive to eat at.. The normal menu costs 9.95 euro but it's only available Monday-Friday duing the lunchtime. After the lunchtime, one dish is like 10-11 euros, and the side dishes are like 4-5 euros, and then a drink, and the dessert (yes, I'd never skip dessert at UDON :D) .. It comes out quite expensive but we could treat ourselves once to eat at UDON, as earlier that day we saved a wallet of some Morrocan guy and he gave us all his cash - nearly 80 euro! - saying he doens't care about it and he is just glad he got his documents and cards back. YAY. :D

So, we went to EAT :D

First we got Mixed Noodle Rolls. Those are like sushi, but are made with somen noodles! They taste funny, haha.

As a main dish I got Tofu Soba and Li got Tampopo Ramen. I liked his ramen more, because my soba lacked some ingredients O_o Like japanese onions and stuff. It was like, only soba and tofu. It wasn't bad, but normally (in my UDON XD) they do it much better.. I loved Li's tampopo ramen, I haven't tried it before ^_^

Tofu Soba

Tampopo Ramen

Then we got the desserts :D Li got Sencha and I got Genmaicha to drink, and we shared one lovely dessert - Tapon de Xocolata. It's like a warm chocolate cake with liquid chocolate inside and and ice cream over. We got matcha ice cream. I love it love it.

After eating we went home to change and we met later in metro to go to get a drink and then danc the night away :) We went to Marina to drink.. It's the best place to go before partying! There are just so many little or big bars, with many drinks.. It's like the first stop on party map :P We went to our favourite Chinese bar, which is cheaaaaaaaaap and they surely put enough alcohol in your glass :P (I hate those bars, where you pay 10 euro and get like a whole glass of juice with two drops of vodka.)

I don't have many pictures from the fiesta, they always turn out blurry and horrible, so I'll leave you with one picture from the before party, where Li was acting cute :D

My hair was dead O_O

Lately I really enjoy this song:

It got stucked in my head. Bam haneul-e-e-e~

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  1. Hate you! Now it's in my head too :P

  2. dziękuję :P dopiero przy robieniu zdjęć zwróciłam na nią uwagę xd Jak tylko przyszła miałam cały czas założoną i że tak powiem, nie widziałam wcześniej hehe. przez Twoją notkę głodna jestem...

  3. tez jetsem glodna, pomysl, ze roznosze takie dania codziennie i nie moge ich jesc.. xD

  4. Mwhaha, I'm going to be a stalker, your blog seems to be interesting. ^^