czwartek, 4 sierpnia 2011


Ajshajsha looking at some summer nail enamel collections I've realized (again XD) how much I miss doing my nails.. And how much I miss having them long!
Okay, my nails weren't ever THAT extremly long, because I just find it really uncomfortable. But either way, I didn't keep them very short and I really love doing them, various styles, more modest or more crazy..

I'm not too fond of some gyaru nails, like the AGEHA models, their fake nails sometimes just scare the shit out of me and they seem to make life SO much more difficult. Of course, nice acrylic or gel nails look amazing, but I get bored easily and tend to change them two times a week ^_^; However I believe being gyaru is about being dolled-up the best you can, and acrylics don't make you more gyaru than natural nails that are nicely done and decorated :)

Unfortunately lately, because of my work (I'm a waitress and, since few weeks, food decorator) I can't do my nails.. I have to keep them short and natural, I can only use like french enamels, or some transparent shiny ones..
(There is something I don't understand however. They say we can't do our nails because the enamel can rip off into the food. Why, therefore, we can use the frnech and natural transparents? Because no one would notice them..? That's just silly XD)

So yeah, I feel nail-art-y handicapped and I suffer enough to go through my nails folder every single day, and do a list of designs I'm gonna do when my contract is over XD

I will show you some of the nails I've done before and that I liked them.. Maybe someone will get inspired by those designs? Or maybe you'd like me to do a tutorial on any of them.. When my contracts is over? XD
All of the designs I do are fairly easy, since I'm neither the most patient person in the world, nor talented one :P

Looking at my nails folder makes me feel nostalgic HAHAH

Those are very easy and cute ^_^ The only thing special about them is the pink gradient.. I have done this design for my final Spanish exam (which, BTW, I have approved! - just found out few days ago.)

Okay, this one is not much of the design, but I just wanted to share with the world the whole love of my favourite nail polish - Color Club Fashion Addict. I'm in love with it and it's totally perfect!

Those remind me a bit of Disney.. They're so cute and stuff haha. Very fast and easy to make, and looks nice too! You can mix various colours to make it go well with your style and outfit.

Those are.. really strange, haha. I was more liek trying out some designs, but eventually they made a set that most of my friends liked ^^

Those, if I remember well, I wore then for Shibuya 109 event.. More cute and jelly-like, pastel coloured ^_^

Easy & stylish:

those reminded me a lot fo spring and summer during the winter..

and some more of the designs I liked:

Do you like them? What do you think of them?
Or maybe you don't find natural nails gyaru and you think I fail? Hahahaha okay, if so then don't even bother telling me, because I just love doing my nails like that and having them this way :D

P.S. All pictures are my property. Copying them and using them without credit is prohibited.

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  1. hahaha lakieromaniaczka? XD czyżby? :P

  2. Z chęcią bym zrobiła Gyaru Make up, ale nie mam rzęs (zawsze kiedy mam kase zapominam je kupić :<)

  3. love your nails! 1 zdjęcie the best chociaż flaga też mi się podoba ;p co do szminek - może coś z jasnych pomarańczy byłoby beżowe? xd

  4. robisz świetne paznokcie ^^ chciałabym tak umieć :P

  5. robiłaś wszystkie sama??
    Your my kamisama!!!

  6. @Magu dziekuje, bardzo lbie robic pazurki :) a co do szminek dziisaj nabylam dwie, bede tstowac jutro :D
    @Tiffany-kim & Ai - thanks!
    @Kaori - kwestia praktyki, kiedys nie umialam pytki pomalowac na rowny kolor lakierem bez upierdolenia calego pokoju ;)
    @Paula owszem, robilam wszystkie sama :) i nie kamisama tylko praktyka, praktyka!