poniedziałek, 16 stycznia 2012

semi-hiatus T^T

I'm very sorry to anounce that I will take a semi-hatus for the time being. I know I promised to be a better blogger in my new years resolutions and stuff, but as the exam period approached, and I've spent the Christmas break travelling instead of studying, I need to work now.. Hard!
Also, I don't have many pictures to update you guys with. Since 1,5 month I have beeni fighting a chronic virus eye infection. It seemed to be a conjunctivitis at first, but then resulted to be a virus infection that keeps on passing from one eye to another. I have it more or less controlles now, but I'm still resistant to wear lesnes for more than 3 hours and I have only one pair left - had to throw away all that I wore before being sick, because the virus might be on them! So I'm left only with my last pair of Crystal Greys.. Fortunately I had a new un-opened pair that I opened as soon as doctor allowed me to wear lenses again <3 But yeah, my Princess Mii sesame gray, huge pink ones and GEO nudy blue are bye bye :(
In two weeks the period of exams should be done, and I will try to update as soon as I can. Promise the pictures are coming!

niedziela, 1 stycznia 2012

New years resolutions..

- be better at blogging!
- loose weight.. High time to work on it.
- be better with my hair and make up.
- save up some money and start making bigger money!
- take a hold of my professional career.
- make my dreams come true
- be a better person.

// written sitting on the bed. January 1st, 2012.

HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE! Hope this year makes your dreams come true. Let it be the best year of our lives!

wtorek, 13 grudnia 2011

Popteen 12.11 picks

Ok, I know this is already an "old" magazine, and that there are scans of some mags from 2012 already, but I just wanted to share some picks from December's issue of Popteen. I just LOVE how soft and cute are those outfits.. Wish I could dress like this everyday in Polish weather :D Well it's not THAT cold yet, so I can go for it, but soon.. I HATE WINTER.

I especially love this nals page!
Wish this type of nail-art was available to get in European nail art stores :)

czwartek, 8 grudnia 2011


Nice suprise was waiting for me today when I got back home.
My followers counter reached 50! I know that maybe for some of you that's very little, but for me it's a lot, and I want to thank each and every single of you!

Because it's my 50 followers post, I will ask all the questions asked in the comments! They can be about my make up, clothes, university, life, whatever you would like to know..
You can also request some posts if you want! What would you like to see in my blog?

And.. Please help me reach 100 followers! I promise to make a nice giveaway when I reach 100.. And believe me I have some nice stuff to give to you!:)

wtorek, 6 grudnia 2011


Today is a really nice day. 6th of December is Saint Nicholas' Day, which is celebrated in Poland by giving small gifts to your friends and family, usually sweets and little souvenirs. To me this day has always been an official start of Christmas preparations!
Since the morning you can hear the Christmas songs on the radio and chocolate Santa Claus (saint Nicholas) are just everywhere!

Even though we are all old asses already, together with my university classmates we had decided to continue the school tradition for 6th of December.. Yes, we did the invisible friend! ^_^
For our professors to not feel left out and stuff - we gave them chocolate Santas *^^*

Here are the gifts I got this year:

- hello kitty mirror with small comb and gingerbread hand warmer at the university
- chocolates (there's been more but I left them in my secret sweets shelf xD )
- new publication about Barcelona that I've been waiting for!

I swear my dad has a talent to get new releases.. This book has been release yesterday and I've already had had it today at 7am.
It's kind of a tourism guide about Barcelona, but much more emotional. Includes anecdotes and own stories and experiences from many places, it's said to be written with a really nice language.. The author is a General Consul of Poland in Barcelona so surely he is a diligent person and knows the city well.. Can't wait to read it and walk the routes again when I visit barcelona in the end of the year!

I love reading alternative tourist guides and walk the routes seeing the places I know so well in a totally different logjt.. It's as if.. As if I were seeing all of those places for the first time. Reborn. New. Fresh. Same, but so different.

poniedziałek, 5 grudnia 2011

Fast update!

Hi there my lovely readers :D

I'm so super ultra busy with my studies these days I can't even.. Hardly made time to post up the nail decals review from the last post!
Guess I'm not the best blogger in the world.. ^^

Now that I'm back to the real world where I have to study, university comes first, together with some other real life issues :) however I've managed to download the blogger application for my iPhone (I know I'm soooo slow) so hopefully I can make more short updates from my phone! (trying it out now!)

Do you remember my wishlist from the last post?
Well one of the positions came true on my birthday.. I got to eat some awesome Japanese noms!


I went with my parents to eat out at Hanami, one of them Japanese and sushi restaurants here in Poznan.
Rest of my wishlist dreams should come true by the end of the month though; I'm going to visit my boy in Barcelona on 27th of December! ^__^

Few days ago I bought myself new HOT HOT shoes.. Maybe some of you have already seen them on my twitter? Well I found them on sale and even though I'm currently broken i just had to get them! They were only 59zl, which is about.. 12€? CHEAP.

Super shiny sequin pumps from Quazi, a brand that works with Anja Rubik.

I had to try them out immediately ^^ easy and half-formal outfit from that day;
blazer: Stradivarius
t-shirt: Forever21
belt: Shana
shorts: random;
shoes: Quazi

I love ginger ale! Why is it soooo hard to find in my country T^T

Okay I should go back to studying. Of this thing works then maybe I can update more often!

P.S. So, apparently, Blogger app works really good except for one thing.. It posts the pictures randomly in the end of the post.. Had to edit it on my laptop.
Any tips how to post the pictures in the place where I want them from the iPhone Blogger app????

piątek, 2 grudnia 2011

*sponsored review* Nail Water Decals - KKCENTERHK

So I got e-mailed again by KKcenterHK with a question if I'd like to try out their nail water decals.
As all of you probably know, I'm a nail art freak! So obviously I agreed. Again. Hahah.

The package arrived some time ago - their shipping is quite fast and parcels are really well & secure packed!
However as I broke my nails travelling (yay Gata + suitcase + Warsaw-Berlin EuroExpress train...) I had to wait a little bit before making some nice nail art that includes water decays.
And so the day has come when as a nice Friday afternoon activity I used some of my water decals!

This is the product I've got from KKcenterHK:

They were so nice that they let me choose the design! I took the first one that caught my eye, but there is a lot too choose - over 600 designs!

They're also very cheap - only 2.64$
Water decals are generally so much better than nail stickers, since they're totally FLAT, I mean it, you don't even know you have them on your nail! So they tend to last longer and be less problematic.

I got my water decals in a nice secure bag. You can zip open and close it. I'm gong to save it for my stickers and water decals, haha :D

It's nice, because water decals are very sensitive, so it's better to keep them closed like this ^^

The design is so cute I've decided to make some nail art that is kinda Dolly-wink inspired.
To make it I've used just 3 colors:

Cute cute cute colors!

The results are like this:

Overall those nail water decals are really easy to use and the designs are very nice! I think everyone can find something that fits their taste. And one leaf of them lasts for many manicures. I have quite small nails so I had to cut them out the way to fit my nail, but it's nice that you can cut them as you want, to make more designs. You either use them as a whole nail art or just as a detail, as I did.

That's how much I have left:

(I've wasted one heart because my dog came and pushed my hand, hahah, fail.)

I will update the post if anything happens to my decals, and tell you how long the mani lasted!

If you want to purchase somethin from KKcenterHK please remember you can use my coupon code to get 10% off of all products!
The code is BLGB434DR10!!