czwartek, 29 września 2011

Oh God, I've been soooooooooooooooooooooooo busy ltely! With friends and Dad visit for my last few days in Barcelona, planning a romantic last weekend in Span with my boyfriend that eventually failed, because of some complication at work, packing up my life, going back to Poland (of course half of it sick ^^ I caught a cold that changed into a virus throat infection that evoluated into bacterial infection that started to attack my pulmones - I'm the best pokemon when it comes to evolution of illness) and starting my University..

I'm officially a Japanese Studies major now, finishing my first week of lectures ^^ I kinda enojoy my course but my life is soo boring now! No more parties every day, no more nice weather, no more going out wit my gal friends :( everything is back to normal, and I miss the sun, and I miss my friends and the smiles we shared.. And most of all I miss my boyfriend. I have some issues and can't seem to fall asleep alone easily anymore...

All of this mess should explain my terrible abscence :D However I have some stuff coming up! :) It's been almost 2 months since I'm using Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream and I want to share my opinion with you guys; I also have some new make up supply and still a lot of pending posts about BARCELONA!

Hope my life in Poland will get more and more interesting and colorful with more pictures to share.. My University building is probably the ugliest and least interesting Uni building in the whole universe but maybe nice lectures can make it into a nice place.

ALSO I've almost forgot!
Since I'm not working at UDON anymore, I can do my NAILS :D Can't wait to grow them longer and make them colorful and crazy sick again...

niedziela, 4 września 2011


Few days ago I took a part in a nice project organized in Barcelona. It was about filming a video showing different styles of gyaru for some even in Zaragoza, where the gyaru catwalk couldn't be organized. We were fliming a music-video type of a "movie" :) I did a twin style with Cale, which we didn't intend, but it came out so cute, haha~

I will leave you with some pictures~^^

A photo session of me and Cale. She looked so pretty and well she is soooo pretty and nice! And I adore her hair color *_*

Kami and Hiki of Hysterical, me and Cale

the same again, haha <3 I just love them~

Miyu, Marta, moi, Cale i Aimi ^_^

Cale took this paparazzi pic of me! I like it though, hahah

Okay sorry if this update is lacking sense but I've been quite "busy" lately and I'm really really dead.. So I better shut up than talk stupid and silly things ^^;
I've been partying bad I'm a bad person..
Welcoe to Barcelona. hahhahaha.