wtorek, 26 lipca 2011

Harry Potter weekend

Yes, I did it!
I'm just an another blogger who went to the cinema to see the Harry Potter last part.

Harry Potter used to be very important book series for me, when I was younger. Yes, it may seem lame, but I loved the serie, and I loved the magical word it created, and I wish it was real, maybe skipping all that drama about bad guys. I hate bad guys.
I really long for peace and love in the world. It aches so much to see people-created tragedies, cruel movements, like the most recent in Norway, or like terrorist attacks, form example few years ago in Madrid, or the infamous WTC.. There is enough of bad and disaster in the world naturally. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurrricanes, volcanoes.. Each and every year people die for nothing, world certainly doesn't need some sick people creating more evil out there.
(speaking about Norway, do you know maximum prison penalty there is 21 years? Even if they give him double penalty, all the citizens, families and friends of the victing, will pay for him to have years of living. Yes, living closed, but with access to water, with meals every day, with library, sports centre and stuff. I mean, there are a lot of innocent people out in the world who don't even get a meal daily and this psycho asshole will be sustained by the country he wanted to ruin. Just SICK. This is a perfect case where death penalty should be used.)

How the fuck did I get there from Harry Potter? -_-; Weeeee.

Anyway, we went to the cinema in Diagonal Mar ^^

we got tickets for the movie session in the early evening so we can go eat something and play games and stuff, haha.
We went to get that perfect Giovanni's gelatos. Of melon and Kinder Suprise flavour :DD

nyam, nyam, getting fat :D

We went to get drinks and popcorn to Belros. The cinema popcorn seemed to be too expensive for the last days of months we are at XD And in Berlos they gave us those cute heart canes! One red and one purple, and they can mend together, to drink from one drink ♥

I really liked the movie. I think it was nicely done, of course I'd change some things, but overall the effects were nice and all. I just wish they showed more of the fight for Hogwarts, because this was the most epic part of the whole serie and they closed it in such a short screentime..

On Sunday my Polish friend and - starting in September - my University classmate, Amelia, came to saty in Barcelona for a whole round month to do Spanish DELE examination :) we went to pick her up from the airport in the evening and to eat at the japanese buffet.. Fat asses again hahaha. Before goin out we've spent a really realy relaxin afternoon.. like this:

Those afternoons or evenings just like that watching a movie.. ♥

niedziela, 24 lipca 2011

beach day ~

On Thursday, like everyday, I had to go to work. It was a really hard day.. Kind of stressful and not really nice. But whatever. I've been waiting to finish my shift, because after that we were meant to hang out with some friends and my boy at the beach. In the afternoon it's really nice, a bit less people and it's not that hot. And since I cannot sunbath - it works much much better for me :)

We went to Barceloneta beach - the most famous beach of Barcelona!

Well.. Honestly, it's also the ugliest one. But at the same time it's easily accessible, as it's located very close to the city centre with two metro station and a tram stop by it's ends. Also supplied by many bars, restaurants, shops and bla bla. Obviously, it's extremly crowded.
By the end of the beach, closer to Vila Olimpica, there are a looot of discos and clubs, so the beach is also busy in the evening and night, by party people drinking and playing there.
If any of you plans to visit Barcelona and stop by at Barceloneta, I will give you the most useful tip ever - KEEP YOUR FUCKING PURSE CLOSE. Barcelona is just a perfect town for pickpocketers and Barceloneta is the most extreme example. I swear, most of the people I know got robbed in Barcelona at least once. And most of them got robbed at Barceloneta. Me included.

So yeah, going back to the subject XD We went to the beach. 3 couples, so awkward. XD

When we met, me and my boyfriend were extremly hungry, so we stopped at some bar to get a "bikini" - that's how they call ham and cheese toasts in Spain.

They were really slow and that's the sad cute hungry face Li got there while waiting XD

Then to the beach we went! (。→∀←。)♥

Of course, as it usually happens, the sun just had to hide when we arrived, HAHAH. Bad luck.

My hair was being a bitch. However, it's understandable. I've styled it in the morning, then I've been working. The went to the beach to take pictures. Blah, hairstyles DO die after running with food and decorating it in the kitchen.

That was my hair before going out btw:

We didn't take our bathsuits so we could just wet our feet T_T
But the feeling of water and sand in the summer is just so nice..
In Poland my city is located quite far from the seaside, so I am really glad to live by the sea now; my boyfriend is already totally fed up with me wanting to go to get a walk by the beach, or to eat by the beach, or whatever XD

Me with my sausage legs :D Hahaha looks so awkward.
That's also my extremly easy outfit for the beach day.
The jumpsuit is from New Yorker, so is my cancan hat. I've added the black ribbon to make my jumpsuit cuter :D The belt is from Forever 21 and I think I might've lost it T___T

Yesterday my compulsive-shopaholic side shown herself again.. I got liek 10 minutes earlier to work, and I didn't want to go there so early, so I decided to take a look at some shops in the mall. Somehow my feet, involuntarily, led me to .. shoes T_T

So, I present to you my new baby - black boots with open toe.
However, I feel totally "clean" even after buying it. Fist of all, I still have some cash left from my last paycheck and buying them didn't cost me skipping meals. Secondly, and even more important (who cares about food, like, seriously?) - they were on SALE. Yes, that magical word "rebaixes" makes me go dizzy and compulsive. But it was a great bargain. Here, in Spain, there are not many people with my "huge" feet size. I wear 39 and I find my feet normal.. However I don't complain about beign "too huge" for local standards. I got to buy last pair of this model, perfectly in my size, with the price reduced from 39 euro to 10.50 euro :D Gotta love 'em.

Okay, I think I'm done for today. I'm tired after writing so much, HAHA.
I will just leave you a lame-self taken picture of my outfit and make up.

LOL, I look like a rock Barbie or something :D

artificial light:

natural light:

BTW tell me, do you want me to write more about places and things to do in Barcelona? I can mend them with my daily entries, like in this one. Or do you not give a shit about the attractions of Catalan capital?

piątek, 22 lipca 2011

some random stuff

Ok, another post I've written before for my tumblr and now I'm moving it here :D 

If I want to make this place a blog, I have to write something once in a while.. And obviously I totally FAIL at that.
I've been quite busy and very happy lately ^^ Nice summer weather is there, it's hot and humid and although it kills my hair and make-up, I do enjoy it. Weather like this makes me feel like holiday, and even though I'm working, I feel it's the summertime and such a carefree time!
Oh, work.. 1,5month ago I got a job! I work as a waitress in japanese style casual restaurant, which is a chain restaurant quite popular in Spain - it's called UDON. I liek my work! During the lunchtime it's a bit stressful and we are in a rush, but the team is very nice and the food is good! :D The only thing that sucks about my job is that I had to cut my nails and I have to keep them natural colores.. So yeah, until my contract is over .. bye-bye nail art pictures :(
So lately I just work, hang out with some friends and spend a lot of lovely summertime with my boy <3
From the things I liked the most (beside watching movies and cuddling xD) we went to Ciutadella Park some time ago. The weather was really nice, we were playing and rented a boat and feeding pigeons ^3^

we also went to some ecologic bla bla bla hamburger restaurant in Barcelona, close to Plaza Universitat. The restaurant is called Heart Burger, and YES, they DO serve all the hamburgers in the heart form! Cute or what? :D
Look, I had the Hawaii Burger:

P.S. meat is also heart-shaped :P
Food is delicious and staff is really nice! I hope to come by again when I get some cash.. However it's not that expensive: burger with fried chips is around 10 euro.
We hace also visited Park Guell.. I just love this place. There's no other place like this one in the world, in my opinion it's the number one must-see of Barcelona!

and the view is precious :)
What's more, I am starting university in October. In Poland, in my city - Poznan. I will study japanese studies and I'm kind of excited about it :)
Okay, that's it for now. I'm goinb back to cleaning my room and washing clothes and stuff while dancig to...

ExpoOtaku Sabadell

I wrote this entry after the ExpOtaku in Sabadell for my tumblr,  now I'm moving it here :)

Woohoo, my first written entry! :D
Yestarday, during the ExpOtaku in Fira de Sabadell, I did my second gyaru catwalk. The event hall was so much bigger than the one during Shibuya109 Party in January.. Everything was so spontaneous, lol, even 4 days before the actual event I didn't know if I would get a day off from work to go there.. Luckily I did! I will have to work double next Saturday but fuck it, it was worth it.
I went in the gyaru-kei category during the show, showing quite a tipical g-kei outfit:
my coordinate
My hairstyle was made byt lovely Aielet of Hysterical, during the hair-styling show! She is sooooo good at bringing volume to your hair. So is Honey <3
Those are my make-up and hair close-up pics:

I hope everyone enjoyed our little fashion show, haha. I was a bit stressed, all of us were a little nervous, but I think we didn't do any huge mistakes or whatever
Here is a pic of all of us after the show <3 I love all of youuuuuuu! And I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who helped me to get into gyaru world and who gave me the courage and inspiration to try this style out instead of just lurk on the pictures.. Hystericals, I love you :D

After the show we ate a lovely cake that Cris brought <3 It was so cute and pink and gal! Hahah. It was delicious too. Cris said it's banana&coco flavour, however I still think it had something of chocolate... The cake base was banana&coco, but the cream between the cake HAD to be cocoa flavoured. Anyway, it was delicious and noone from out lactose-allergics is dead, so it's fine :P

mmmm ... <3
Okay, I will call it a day for now.
I leave you with one more pic of me! Weee camwhore.

intro post

There will be one soon :D