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beach day ~

On Thursday, like everyday, I had to go to work. It was a really hard day.. Kind of stressful and not really nice. But whatever. I've been waiting to finish my shift, because after that we were meant to hang out with some friends and my boy at the beach. In the afternoon it's really nice, a bit less people and it's not that hot. And since I cannot sunbath - it works much much better for me :)

We went to Barceloneta beach - the most famous beach of Barcelona!

Well.. Honestly, it's also the ugliest one. But at the same time it's easily accessible, as it's located very close to the city centre with two metro station and a tram stop by it's ends. Also supplied by many bars, restaurants, shops and bla bla. Obviously, it's extremly crowded.
By the end of the beach, closer to Vila Olimpica, there are a looot of discos and clubs, so the beach is also busy in the evening and night, by party people drinking and playing there.
If any of you plans to visit Barcelona and stop by at Barceloneta, I will give you the most useful tip ever - KEEP YOUR FUCKING PURSE CLOSE. Barcelona is just a perfect town for pickpocketers and Barceloneta is the most extreme example. I swear, most of the people I know got robbed in Barcelona at least once. And most of them got robbed at Barceloneta. Me included.

So yeah, going back to the subject XD We went to the beach. 3 couples, so awkward. XD

When we met, me and my boyfriend were extremly hungry, so we stopped at some bar to get a "bikini" - that's how they call ham and cheese toasts in Spain.

They were really slow and that's the sad cute hungry face Li got there while waiting XD

Then to the beach we went! (。→∀←。)♥

Of course, as it usually happens, the sun just had to hide when we arrived, HAHAH. Bad luck.

My hair was being a bitch. However, it's understandable. I've styled it in the morning, then I've been working. The went to the beach to take pictures. Blah, hairstyles DO die after running with food and decorating it in the kitchen.

That was my hair before going out btw:

We didn't take our bathsuits so we could just wet our feet T_T
But the feeling of water and sand in the summer is just so nice..
In Poland my city is located quite far from the seaside, so I am really glad to live by the sea now; my boyfriend is already totally fed up with me wanting to go to get a walk by the beach, or to eat by the beach, or whatever XD

Me with my sausage legs :D Hahaha looks so awkward.
That's also my extremly easy outfit for the beach day.
The jumpsuit is from New Yorker, so is my cancan hat. I've added the black ribbon to make my jumpsuit cuter :D The belt is from Forever 21 and I think I might've lost it T___T

Yesterday my compulsive-shopaholic side shown herself again.. I got liek 10 minutes earlier to work, and I didn't want to go there so early, so I decided to take a look at some shops in the mall. Somehow my feet, involuntarily, led me to .. shoes T_T

So, I present to you my new baby - black boots with open toe.
However, I feel totally "clean" even after buying it. Fist of all, I still have some cash left from my last paycheck and buying them didn't cost me skipping meals. Secondly, and even more important (who cares about food, like, seriously?) - they were on SALE. Yes, that magical word "rebaixes" makes me go dizzy and compulsive. But it was a great bargain. Here, in Spain, there are not many people with my "huge" feet size. I wear 39 and I find my feet normal.. However I don't complain about beign "too huge" for local standards. I got to buy last pair of this model, perfectly in my size, with the price reduced from 39 euro to 10.50 euro :D Gotta love 'em.

Okay, I think I'm done for today. I'm tired after writing so much, HAHA.
I will just leave you a lame-self taken picture of my outfit and make up.

LOL, I look like a rock Barbie or something :D

artificial light:

natural light:

BTW tell me, do you want me to write more about places and things to do in Barcelona? I can mend them with my daily entries, like in this one. Or do you not give a shit about the attractions of Catalan capital?

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  1. agata!! no sabia que tenias blog!!=D ya te sigo^^
    me encanta como te pones el pelo en serio!!
    y no te quejes mujer... lo que daria yo por trabajar!

  2. @Yukina - te sigooo!
    Bueno yo creo q mi pelo es la cosa que necesita mas de mejorarse en todo mi estilo.. pero gracias ;) y no me quejo, me gusta mi trabajo, pero hay dias q me da mucho estres y con el encargado... hsgda vaya. tu no tienes trabajo? buscate uno. :D si lo podia conseguir yo, siendo extranjera y tal, pues tu tambien puedas!

  3. o tak, podziel się z nami ciekawostkami o barcelonie ~~!

  4. z checia :D w nowym wpisie sa jakies wspominki imprezowo :D