piątek, 22 lipca 2011

some random stuff

Ok, another post I've written before for my tumblr and now I'm moving it here :D 

If I want to make this place a blog, I have to write something once in a while.. And obviously I totally FAIL at that.
I've been quite busy and very happy lately ^^ Nice summer weather is there, it's hot and humid and although it kills my hair and make-up, I do enjoy it. Weather like this makes me feel like holiday, and even though I'm working, I feel it's the summertime and such a carefree time!
Oh, work.. 1,5month ago I got a job! I work as a waitress in japanese style casual restaurant, which is a chain restaurant quite popular in Spain - it's called UDON. I liek my work! During the lunchtime it's a bit stressful and we are in a rush, but the team is very nice and the food is good! :D The only thing that sucks about my job is that I had to cut my nails and I have to keep them natural colores.. So yeah, until my contract is over .. bye-bye nail art pictures :(
So lately I just work, hang out with some friends and spend a lot of lovely summertime with my boy <3
From the things I liked the most (beside watching movies and cuddling xD) we went to Ciutadella Park some time ago. The weather was really nice, we were playing and rented a boat and feeding pigeons ^3^

we also went to some ecologic bla bla bla hamburger restaurant in Barcelona, close to Plaza Universitat. The restaurant is called Heart Burger, and YES, they DO serve all the hamburgers in the heart form! Cute or what? :D
Look, I had the Hawaii Burger:

P.S. meat is also heart-shaped :P
Food is delicious and staff is really nice! I hope to come by again when I get some cash.. However it's not that expensive: burger with fried chips is around 10 euro.
We hace also visited Park Guell.. I just love this place. There's no other place like this one in the world, in my opinion it's the number one must-see of Barcelona!

and the view is precious :)
What's more, I am starting university in October. In Poland, in my city - Poznan. I will study japanese studies and I'm kind of excited about it :)
Okay, that's it for now. I'm goinb back to cleaning my room and washing clothes and stuff while dancig to...

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  1. your English is very well (envious...) o.o
    a tak po polsku - super pracę znalazłaś :D
    no i oczywiście współczuję utrzymywania 'naturalnych' pazurków

  2. @Magu zdawalam mature miedzynarodowa.. wiec umialam angielski calkiem dobrze. ale od roku praktycznie nie uzywam, wiec moj angielski zanika -_-;

    nooo~~ tez mi z tym zle. ale jak skoncze prace to sobie nadrobie ^_^

  3. szacun! ja bym się nie odważyła...
    no i dziękuję za komplement dla mojej spódniczki :P

  4. mina Lee mnie powala >.< Wyglądasz ślicznie jak zawsze xD też zazdroszczę ci takiej znajomości angielskiego ;__; *_*

  5. Por fin blog Agata!!

    Te sigo ya!!
    Un besito.

  6. @Magu, na co bys sie nie odwazyla? A spodniczka ladna, to prawde mowie :D

    @Chii no Li robi czasem genialne minki <3 :3

    @Matt tambien te sigo! Merci eh :D