piątek, 22 lipca 2011

ExpoOtaku Sabadell

I wrote this entry after the ExpOtaku in Sabadell for my tumblr,  now I'm moving it here :)

Woohoo, my first written entry! :D
Yestarday, during the ExpOtaku in Fira de Sabadell, I did my second gyaru catwalk. The event hall was so much bigger than the one during Shibuya109 Party in January.. Everything was so spontaneous, lol, even 4 days before the actual event I didn't know if I would get a day off from work to go there.. Luckily I did! I will have to work double next Saturday but fuck it, it was worth it.
I went in the gyaru-kei category during the show, showing quite a tipical g-kei outfit:
my coordinate
My hairstyle was made byt lovely Aielet of Hysterical, during the hair-styling show! She is sooooo good at bringing volume to your hair. So is Honey <3
Those are my make-up and hair close-up pics:

I hope everyone enjoyed our little fashion show, haha. I was a bit stressed, all of us were a little nervous, but I think we didn't do any huge mistakes or whatever
Here is a pic of all of us after the show <3 I love all of youuuuuuu! And I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who helped me to get into gyaru world and who gave me the courage and inspiration to try this style out instead of just lurk on the pictures.. Hystericals, I love you :D

After the show we ate a lovely cake that Cris brought <3 It was so cute and pink and gal! Hahah. It was delicious too. Cris said it's banana&coco flavour, however I still think it had something of chocolate... The cake base was banana&coco, but the cream between the cake HAD to be cocoa flavoured. Anyway, it was delicious and noone from out lactose-allergics is dead, so it's fine :P

mmmm ... <3
Okay, I will call it a day for now.
I leave you with one more pic of me! Weee camwhore.

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  1. you have such a lovely hair *.* and that cake made me hungryyy ;_; specially coz i love coco ^^
    i'm keeping an eye on your blog for sure :3
    xoxo Monstros no Armário

  2. Perfect outfit!! *___*
    You're lucky living in Barcelona, there are a lot of good gyarus and shops! I hope you enjoy your stay in Spain ^^

  3. @Skinny Love thanks, and I'm following you! :D

    @Mikirin jajaj gracias! Si, en Barcelona hay muchas gyarus perfectas que me inspiran a mejorarme *_* La verdad es q a mi me gusto gyaru hace tiempo ya pero no conocia ningunas gyarus no-japonesas.. Pero cuando vine a Barcelona y conoci a algunas, me dieron coraje a intentar con el estilo! Y bueno.. ahora qui estou ^_~

  4. ahh que linda blusa d eleopardo ... y con tu hair style pfff ... supr onita .. !