wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

some parties

Lately I've been partying a lot.. But usually I don't take my camara with me, because it's too huge and too expensive XD thus I have very little party pictures. But one day we went to Espit Chupitos! And it's so spectacular I had to carry that heavy brick with me, hahah.

Espir Chupito is probably one of my favourite bars in Barcelona - for how original it is! It's a shot bar, with every shot worth 2 euros, but the selection is.. Unlimited, I swear! At the entrance you have a whoooooooooooooole wall full of random words, that, in fact, are names of them shots :P Like Harry Potter, Monika Levinsky, Amor, Melon, Willy Wonka, Orgasm.. Whatever you want XD It's a good way to put yourself in a nice mood - not only because of the percentage but because of all the fun it comes with XD

Since we originally planned to go to more high-end club, I wore a dress..

.. and left my extensons at home, because they tend to be really uncomfortable while dancing like crazy! XD

Our first stop that night was, as mentiones, ESPIT CHUPITO!

Some shot shots (XD nice word play)

Woohoo, drinks!

Huge thanks to Swiss (if I remember) guy with Puyol's Barca shirt and .. PUYOL WIG! for inviting us for the last shot :D Sorry for disappearing soon after saying we were going to ladies' room, but we didn't search for company :P

We wanted to go to SHOKO, but the queue was too long so we went to Sotavento instead.

On the terrace, before my make-up melted XD

However the party wasn't too cool so.. we went to nearby Vila Olmpica, the best ad ree place to party.. only for corageous people XD There we met my old-time friend who works as a promoter and he told me our frined opened new bar. We went there to see how it looks like and got invited to some shisha and mojitos! Free mojitos, yay!

However, as it normally turns out.. Partying in the middle of the week doesn't go too good with working/studing on the next day XD I needed my dose of caffeine.
I've been a coffee addict during my IB years, but since over a year I drink coffee really occasionally, after partying or before exams etc.
Although Starbucks is so tempting.. But I leave it for the days of necessity!

And when looking for those pics i my photo folder I ound two random pcs with my man that I love <3 I mean, I love the pics. Not him *cough cough* Bad joke.

And the song I'm in love with:

niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2011

Family time!

AS you know, lately I've been really busy. Everything seemed to be happenning at once. First, my friend came to stay in Barcelona for a month. Then I had to change my flat, in some really fast and un-fun circumstances. Then my mum came to visit me and we went to live in a hotel for one week to get the feeling of holiday ^^ In fact, it was a real holiday for my mum. For me just partial, because I kept working, but I've managed to get 2 days off so it was still fun!

I've spent my first day of full liberty with my mum and my boyfriend! I love days like that one, the only thing that was missing was my dog ;_;'

We wanted to go to Sitges, which is like Saint-Tropez of Catalan coast, but because of some renovation works the train didn't work, then we missed the bus, and didn't want to watse so much time waitin so we just got another bus and went to Castelldefels.

Catselldefels is a town in Baix Llobregat, the lower part of river Llobregat delta, famous for having some really nice beaches and being very close to Barcelona! By catching a bus, you can go there in more or less 25-30 minutes and it's in the first zone, so you can go there by using the same ticket ad your Barcelona metro pass (we saved up on tickets to Sitges, which is located in the second zone XD)

First we stopped by at Gava beaches. They are the most quiet beaches of the whole Castelldefels area. So beautiful!

The sun was shining and the weather was rally nice! It was warm, but not too hot (like yesterday for example O_O)

We also went to take a walk in the town and eat something. ^^

Happy family:

Li looks so cute there, like a little puppy, haha!

Castelldefels is so nice to spend a relaxing time.. ^^

By the way my dress is from SWORDFISH, belt from random Chinese shop, and flats from TEENAGERS.

On our way back we stopped by shopping mall Las Arenas which is located on Placa Espanya. It's an old corrida arena re-built to a shopping mall. It was opened this year in May so it's really fresh and the architecture is really cool - a mix of traditional and modern, a bit like Stary Browar in Poznan.

But the best thing that Las Arenas has to offer is the view terrace on the rooftop. I love the view of Placa Espanya, Montjuic, Parc de Joan Miro and the rest of the city~

Espanya, Montjuic, MACBA <3

Parc de Joan Miro

Of course we had to take a lot of pictures on the rooftop, HAHA. Loosers.

We are a penguin couple ~

looking at dogs playing in Parc de Miro. There is a special closed area where dogs can play and run <3

Me: "Love, I'm falling, catch me!"
Li: "No."

Awkward. XD

Last but not least, we went to eat AGAIN. :D Since I didn't work that day, I started to miss UDON so we went to UDON Las Arenas this time. We ate noodle rolls and a lot of edamame <3

During the whole day I wore my new Princess Mimi Sesam Gray lenses.
I ordered them on Candylens and I was really suprised by nice packaging and the cute card they attached to my order! Also, the cute pig lens case... So useful, I have another case for new pair of lenses <3 If you're lookin for a secure place to get your lenses, I find Candylens totally recomendable!

I'm in such a party mood lately. I think it might be because of this summer weather!
And the every party night hit of this summer can't get out of my head:

sobota, 20 sierpnia 2011

alive! ^_^

Yes, I'm alive, haha.

Lately I've been really busy. Almost 4 weeks ago my Polish friend came for a whole month to Barcelona so we hang out almost everyday, which leaves little time for blogging :) Also, two weeks ago because of some uncool circumstances I had to change my flat and then my mum came to visit me for a week. We went to live in a hotel, and although I had to work it was like a really nice week of holiday ^_^

There's been some celebrations lately in Barcelona, because FCB won the SUPERCOPA killing Real Madrid :D I'm a huge fan of FCB and I've been watching the games with more emotions than my boyfriend XD Barca is the greatest team out of all <3 I love the footbal they play, as in opposite of the "footbal;" that Real Madrid represents. Faults, ball of of game, solo actions, breaking the actions of other team by FAULTING... This is not what football is about and it's so sad to see that there are a lot of people who don't even notice how dirty are RMs' games.. Anyway my mum has already left ;_; and my friend is leaving on Sunday ;______; so then I will blog more frequently I guess :P I have some pitcures I took when my mum was there or when I was hanging out with Amelia so be prepared! :D Meanwhile, I leave you with some outfit I wore a few days ago :P Because I haven't loaded other pics from my camara to my laptop yet XD

poniedziałek, 15 sierpnia 2011


I will make an update on Thirsday of Friday, promise!

The thing is that my mum came to visit me in Barcelona and we are having a nice one-week (half)holiday. I say half because I am still working but we stay at the hotel so it's relaxing and fun. And yesterday and tommorow I have days off from work ^_^
My mum stays here only one week but before I had to move to another flat so I've been kinda busy.. To pack your life in suitcases in two afternoons really IS something, haha

I promise to be back with some real update and pictures <3

czwartek, 4 sierpnia 2011


Ajshajsha looking at some summer nail enamel collections I've realized (again XD) how much I miss doing my nails.. And how much I miss having them long!
Okay, my nails weren't ever THAT extremly long, because I just find it really uncomfortable. But either way, I didn't keep them very short and I really love doing them, various styles, more modest or more crazy..

I'm not too fond of some gyaru nails, like the AGEHA models, their fake nails sometimes just scare the shit out of me and they seem to make life SO much more difficult. Of course, nice acrylic or gel nails look amazing, but I get bored easily and tend to change them two times a week ^_^; However I believe being gyaru is about being dolled-up the best you can, and acrylics don't make you more gyaru than natural nails that are nicely done and decorated :)

Unfortunately lately, because of my work (I'm a waitress and, since few weeks, food decorator) I can't do my nails.. I have to keep them short and natural, I can only use like french enamels, or some transparent shiny ones..
(There is something I don't understand however. They say we can't do our nails because the enamel can rip off into the food. Why, therefore, we can use the frnech and natural transparents? Because no one would notice them..? That's just silly XD)

So yeah, I feel nail-art-y handicapped and I suffer enough to go through my nails folder every single day, and do a list of designs I'm gonna do when my contract is over XD

I will show you some of the nails I've done before and that I liked them.. Maybe someone will get inspired by those designs? Or maybe you'd like me to do a tutorial on any of them.. When my contracts is over? XD
All of the designs I do are fairly easy, since I'm neither the most patient person in the world, nor talented one :P

Looking at my nails folder makes me feel nostalgic HAHAH

Those are very easy and cute ^_^ The only thing special about them is the pink gradient.. I have done this design for my final Spanish exam (which, BTW, I have approved! - just found out few days ago.)

Okay, this one is not much of the design, but I just wanted to share with the world the whole love of my favourite nail polish - Color Club Fashion Addict. I'm in love with it and it's totally perfect!

Those remind me a bit of Disney.. They're so cute and stuff haha. Very fast and easy to make, and looks nice too! You can mix various colours to make it go well with your style and outfit.

Those are.. really strange, haha. I was more liek trying out some designs, but eventually they made a set that most of my friends liked ^^

Those, if I remember well, I wore then for Shibuya 109 event.. More cute and jelly-like, pastel coloured ^_^

Easy & stylish:

those reminded me a lot fo spring and summer during the winter..

and some more of the designs I liked:

Do you like them? What do you think of them?
Or maybe you don't find natural nails gyaru and you think I fail? Hahahaha okay, if so then don't even bother telling me, because I just love doing my nails like that and having them this way :D

P.S. All pictures are my property. Copying them and using them without credit is prohibited.

poniedziałek, 1 sierpnia 2011

UDON visit

Some time ago our friends from Sevilla came to Barcelona for a longer weekend holiday :) We went to hang out in the shopping centre, to eat something and then party party, he he :D I think I'm a bit over-excited about partying.. But I can't help it, it's so much fun! This week I went out clubbing like 4 times O_O

Anyway, we were waiting for our Andalusian friends in the front of the shopping mall, hoping they won't get totally lost after our messy explications like how to get there. My explications were clear, of course, but my boyfriend kept messing telling them to just get the bus! Just get the bus! And I wanted to tell them WHERE and WHICH bus to take.. But Li kept on being Li so I was scared they didn'y really understand me.

While waiting for them, we took a picture that shows our extreme overflowing shiny beauty :D

we so ugly~

At the beggining we were thinking about going to the cinema, because our friends had their flight back to Sevilla at 7am next day, but eventually they decided to skip the sleeping and enjoy the night. We had to get some nice food before working, then! After making a short tour around the restaurant zone we decided to go to.. UDON, the chain restaurant I work at. However, I work at another shopping mall ^_^ So I went there and I will watching every move they make thinking "This is not how you do it!" XD
Basically UDON is quite expensive to eat at.. The normal menu costs 9.95 euro but it's only available Monday-Friday duing the lunchtime. After the lunchtime, one dish is like 10-11 euros, and the side dishes are like 4-5 euros, and then a drink, and the dessert (yes, I'd never skip dessert at UDON :D) .. It comes out quite expensive but we could treat ourselves once to eat at UDON, as earlier that day we saved a wallet of some Morrocan guy and he gave us all his cash - nearly 80 euro! - saying he doens't care about it and he is just glad he got his documents and cards back. YAY. :D

So, we went to EAT :D

First we got Mixed Noodle Rolls. Those are like sushi, but are made with somen noodles! They taste funny, haha.

As a main dish I got Tofu Soba and Li got Tampopo Ramen. I liked his ramen more, because my soba lacked some ingredients O_o Like japanese onions and stuff. It was like, only soba and tofu. It wasn't bad, but normally (in my UDON XD) they do it much better.. I loved Li's tampopo ramen, I haven't tried it before ^_^

Tofu Soba

Tampopo Ramen

Then we got the desserts :D Li got Sencha and I got Genmaicha to drink, and we shared one lovely dessert - Tapon de Xocolata. It's like a warm chocolate cake with liquid chocolate inside and and ice cream over. We got matcha ice cream. I love it love it.

After eating we went home to change and we met later in metro to go to get a drink and then danc the night away :) We went to Marina to drink.. It's the best place to go before partying! There are just so many little or big bars, with many drinks.. It's like the first stop on party map :P We went to our favourite Chinese bar, which is cheaaaaaaaaap and they surely put enough alcohol in your glass :P (I hate those bars, where you pay 10 euro and get like a whole glass of juice with two drops of vodka.)

I don't have many pictures from the fiesta, they always turn out blurry and horrible, so I'll leave you with one picture from the before party, where Li was acting cute :D

My hair was dead O_O

Lately I really enjoy this song:

It got stucked in my head. Bam haneul-e-e-e~