sobota, 20 sierpnia 2011

alive! ^_^

Yes, I'm alive, haha.

Lately I've been really busy. Almost 4 weeks ago my Polish friend came for a whole month to Barcelona so we hang out almost everyday, which leaves little time for blogging :) Also, two weeks ago because of some uncool circumstances I had to change my flat and then my mum came to visit me for a week. We went to live in a hotel, and although I had to work it was like a really nice week of holiday ^_^

There's been some celebrations lately in Barcelona, because FCB won the SUPERCOPA killing Real Madrid :D I'm a huge fan of FCB and I've been watching the games with more emotions than my boyfriend XD Barca is the greatest team out of all <3 I love the footbal they play, as in opposite of the "footbal;" that Real Madrid represents. Faults, ball of of game, solo actions, breaking the actions of other team by FAULTING... This is not what football is about and it's so sad to see that there are a lot of people who don't even notice how dirty are RMs' games.. Anyway my mum has already left ;_; and my friend is leaving on Sunday ;______; so then I will blog more frequently I guess :P I have some pitcures I took when my mum was there or when I was hanging out with Amelia so be prepared! :D Meanwhile, I leave you with some outfit I wore a few days ago :P Because I haven't loaded other pics from my camara to my laptop yet XD

3 komentarze:

  1. witamy wśród żywych :D
    super komplecik na zdjęciu. baaardzo Ci pasują odcienie brązu <3

  2. Ja też się cieszę, że żyjesz ^^ czekam na wiecej fotek