wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

some parties

Lately I've been partying a lot.. But usually I don't take my camara with me, because it's too huge and too expensive XD thus I have very little party pictures. But one day we went to Espit Chupitos! And it's so spectacular I had to carry that heavy brick with me, hahah.

Espir Chupito is probably one of my favourite bars in Barcelona - for how original it is! It's a shot bar, with every shot worth 2 euros, but the selection is.. Unlimited, I swear! At the entrance you have a whoooooooooooooole wall full of random words, that, in fact, are names of them shots :P Like Harry Potter, Monika Levinsky, Amor, Melon, Willy Wonka, Orgasm.. Whatever you want XD It's a good way to put yourself in a nice mood - not only because of the percentage but because of all the fun it comes with XD

Since we originally planned to go to more high-end club, I wore a dress..

.. and left my extensons at home, because they tend to be really uncomfortable while dancing like crazy! XD

Our first stop that night was, as mentiones, ESPIT CHUPITO!

Some shot shots (XD nice word play)

Woohoo, drinks!

Huge thanks to Swiss (if I remember) guy with Puyol's Barca shirt and .. PUYOL WIG! for inviting us for the last shot :D Sorry for disappearing soon after saying we were going to ladies' room, but we didn't search for company :P

We wanted to go to SHOKO, but the queue was too long so we went to Sotavento instead.

On the terrace, before my make-up melted XD

However the party wasn't too cool so.. we went to nearby Vila Olmpica, the best ad ree place to party.. only for corageous people XD There we met my old-time friend who works as a promoter and he told me our frined opened new bar. We went there to see how it looks like and got invited to some shisha and mojitos! Free mojitos, yay!

However, as it normally turns out.. Partying in the middle of the week doesn't go too good with working/studing on the next day XD I needed my dose of caffeine.
I've been a coffee addict during my IB years, but since over a year I drink coffee really occasionally, after partying or before exams etc.
Although Starbucks is so tempting.. But I leave it for the days of necessity!

And when looking for those pics i my photo folder I ound two random pcs with my man that I love <3 I mean, I love the pics. Not him *cough cough* Bad joke.

And the song I'm in love with:

7 komentarzy:

  1. Śliczne zdjęcia, zresztą jak zwykle ;) Jak na razie do Barcelony się nie wybieram, ale przynajmniej wiem, jakie tam maja bary, he he... Pozdrawiam

  2. niby nie powinnam ale tego bym się napiła xD

  3. @Chiara - w Barcelonie duuuuzo barow maja, calkiem lubie tez taki, w ktorym dajesz 3 euro i dostajesz szklanke, puszke napoju, ktory chcesz i butelke wodki, i sama lejesz sobie ile chcesz :P w moim wypadku to zwykle szklanka wodki + puszka popity XD

    @Chii - ta notka jest +18! XDDD

  4. o i really like your white dress! and you and the man you love are so cute together!

  5. @Arrow
    Awww thanks! We often act cute too, though we fight a lot about useless stff.
    And actually I bought this dress for some funny money, like 9 euros, haha :) sale shopping owns!

  6. You damn cute heyyy! You could be a model over here! :p

  7. Thanks haha but I'm a bit too fat to be a model hahah ~