niedziela, 4 września 2011


Few days ago I took a part in a nice project organized in Barcelona. It was about filming a video showing different styles of gyaru for some even in Zaragoza, where the gyaru catwalk couldn't be organized. We were fliming a music-video type of a "movie" :) I did a twin style with Cale, which we didn't intend, but it came out so cute, haha~

I will leave you with some pictures~^^

A photo session of me and Cale. She looked so pretty and well she is soooo pretty and nice! And I adore her hair color *_*

Kami and Hiki of Hysterical, me and Cale

the same again, haha <3 I just love them~

Miyu, Marta, moi, Cale i Aimi ^_^

Cale took this paparazzi pic of me! I like it though, hahah

Okay sorry if this update is lacking sense but I've been quite "busy" lately and I'm really really dead.. So I better shut up than talk stupid and silly things ^^;
I've been partying bad I'm a bad person..
Welcoe to Barcelona. hahhahaha.

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  1. awwwr! me encanta esta entrada en tu blog! :D

  2. You were all gorgerous *A* And your outfit was so much cute~~
    Did you said Zaragoza?? I live in there xD LOL


  3. Awww Gata jak zawsze ślicznie:D

  4. Wyglądasz najładniej ze wszystkich ;P Pozdrawiam ^^

  5. Kiedy wracasz? :P niedługo się rok szkolny zaczyna :P

  6. @Cale, mercii a mi mencanta la tuya! :D

    @Miyu gracias, si, creo q esto va a Zaragoza :P A lo mejor podras ver el video pronto!

    @Magu dziekue ^^;; ale wcale nie XD

    @Mikki gracas *_*

    @Rampari - dziekowac XD

    @Chiara, wcale nie, ale dzieki wielkie :D

    @Arianna gowno, pierdole, nie wracam, nie chce, ne chce, na prawde nie chce ;_;
    21 wrzesnia ;_;

  7. awww you all look cute :)
    Btw nice blog i'm your new follower hope you'll follow back

  8. aw so cool1 it looks like you had a lot of fun with them ! I wanna see the video n.n

  9. Śliczna tuniczka :) Można wiedzieć skąd?