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Family time!

AS you know, lately I've been really busy. Everything seemed to be happenning at once. First, my friend came to stay in Barcelona for a month. Then I had to change my flat, in some really fast and un-fun circumstances. Then my mum came to visit me and we went to live in a hotel for one week to get the feeling of holiday ^^ In fact, it was a real holiday for my mum. For me just partial, because I kept working, but I've managed to get 2 days off so it was still fun!

I've spent my first day of full liberty with my mum and my boyfriend! I love days like that one, the only thing that was missing was my dog ;_;'

We wanted to go to Sitges, which is like Saint-Tropez of Catalan coast, but because of some renovation works the train didn't work, then we missed the bus, and didn't want to watse so much time waitin so we just got another bus and went to Castelldefels.

Catselldefels is a town in Baix Llobregat, the lower part of river Llobregat delta, famous for having some really nice beaches and being very close to Barcelona! By catching a bus, you can go there in more or less 25-30 minutes and it's in the first zone, so you can go there by using the same ticket ad your Barcelona metro pass (we saved up on tickets to Sitges, which is located in the second zone XD)

First we stopped by at Gava beaches. They are the most quiet beaches of the whole Castelldefels area. So beautiful!

The sun was shining and the weather was rally nice! It was warm, but not too hot (like yesterday for example O_O)

We also went to take a walk in the town and eat something. ^^

Happy family:

Li looks so cute there, like a little puppy, haha!

Castelldefels is so nice to spend a relaxing time.. ^^

By the way my dress is from SWORDFISH, belt from random Chinese shop, and flats from TEENAGERS.

On our way back we stopped by shopping mall Las Arenas which is located on Placa Espanya. It's an old corrida arena re-built to a shopping mall. It was opened this year in May so it's really fresh and the architecture is really cool - a mix of traditional and modern, a bit like Stary Browar in Poznan.

But the best thing that Las Arenas has to offer is the view terrace on the rooftop. I love the view of Placa Espanya, Montjuic, Parc de Joan Miro and the rest of the city~

Espanya, Montjuic, MACBA <3

Parc de Joan Miro

Of course we had to take a lot of pictures on the rooftop, HAHA. Loosers.

We are a penguin couple ~

looking at dogs playing in Parc de Miro. There is a special closed area where dogs can play and run <3

Me: "Love, I'm falling, catch me!"
Li: "No."

Awkward. XD

Last but not least, we went to eat AGAIN. :D Since I didn't work that day, I started to miss UDON so we went to UDON Las Arenas this time. We ate noodle rolls and a lot of edamame <3

During the whole day I wore my new Princess Mimi Sesam Gray lenses.
I ordered them on Candylens and I was really suprised by nice packaging and the cute card they attached to my order! Also, the cute pig lens case... So useful, I have another case for new pair of lenses <3 If you're lookin for a secure place to get your lenses, I find Candylens totally recomendable!

I'm in such a party mood lately. I think it might be because of this summer weather!
And the every party night hit of this summer can't get out of my head:

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  1. oo~ szukałam tej piosenki ostatnio. Strasznie mi się podoba *_* mam takie same rzęsy obecnie <3

  2. kupilam w Claire's XD mam na nie znizke pracownika centrum handlowego HAHAH XD

    Ta piosenka wymiata~

  3. ja je kupilam za 9 złotych xD ale są neizniszczalne :D
    a moj klej nei smierdzi.. raczej bym powiedziala ze pachnie jakos tak.. no ladnie xD xD