wtorek, 26 lipca 2011

Harry Potter weekend

Yes, I did it!
I'm just an another blogger who went to the cinema to see the Harry Potter last part.

Harry Potter used to be very important book series for me, when I was younger. Yes, it may seem lame, but I loved the serie, and I loved the magical word it created, and I wish it was real, maybe skipping all that drama about bad guys. I hate bad guys.
I really long for peace and love in the world. It aches so much to see people-created tragedies, cruel movements, like the most recent in Norway, or like terrorist attacks, form example few years ago in Madrid, or the infamous WTC.. There is enough of bad and disaster in the world naturally. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurrricanes, volcanoes.. Each and every year people die for nothing, world certainly doesn't need some sick people creating more evil out there.
(speaking about Norway, do you know maximum prison penalty there is 21 years? Even if they give him double penalty, all the citizens, families and friends of the victing, will pay for him to have years of living. Yes, living closed, but with access to water, with meals every day, with library, sports centre and stuff. I mean, there are a lot of innocent people out in the world who don't even get a meal daily and this psycho asshole will be sustained by the country he wanted to ruin. Just SICK. This is a perfect case where death penalty should be used.)

How the fuck did I get there from Harry Potter? -_-; Weeeee.

Anyway, we went to the cinema in Diagonal Mar ^^

we got tickets for the movie session in the early evening so we can go eat something and play games and stuff, haha.
We went to get that perfect Giovanni's gelatos. Of melon and Kinder Suprise flavour :DD

nyam, nyam, getting fat :D

We went to get drinks and popcorn to Belros. The cinema popcorn seemed to be too expensive for the last days of months we are at XD And in Berlos they gave us those cute heart canes! One red and one purple, and they can mend together, to drink from one drink ♥

I really liked the movie. I think it was nicely done, of course I'd change some things, but overall the effects were nice and all. I just wish they showed more of the fight for Hogwarts, because this was the most epic part of the whole serie and they closed it in such a short screentime..

On Sunday my Polish friend and - starting in September - my University classmate, Amelia, came to saty in Barcelona for a whole round month to do Spanish DELE examination :) we went to pick her up from the airport in the evening and to eat at the japanese buffet.. Fat asses again hahaha. Before goin out we've spent a really realy relaxin afternoon.. like this:

Those afternoons or evenings just like that watching a movie.. ♥

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  1. awww Uroczo :3 Slicznie razem wyglądacie ^^

  2. ale śliczna kokarda *__*
    wyglądacie uroczo :D <3