sobota, 19 listopada 2011

The make-up issue

Yes, I love make-up.
I doll myself up almost everyday.
BB cream, blush, eyeshadows, eyeliner. Fake lashes.
Circle lenses.
Lip gloss. All of it to make my eyes appear bigger and dolly-like, my lips full and kiss-eable.

I style my hair, wear extensions, sometimes even a wig.

Does that make me fake? Platic?
Does it really mean I'm ugly underneath it all?


I am not ugly and I do not consider myself as such. Quite the opposite, I know I am naturally pretty - maybe not an amazing "oh-wow-what-a-beauty", but pretty.
Is it bad I want to make myself look even prettier?

No one blames girls who wear high heels that they're fake, because their legs are not as slim as they appear.
No one blames girls who wear clothes that suit their body type, to hide their imperections.
Quite the opposite, everyone is encouraged to.

So why is the face a problem?

I love my face. That's why I want it to look as I like it too look.
I don't have troubles with self-acceptance; BUT I have a problem with feeling naked.

Going out with no make-up is like going out with underwear only for me.
My totally natural, bare face is not just for everyone. It's only for people who are the closest for me, who accept me. Being totally natural is being totally vulnerable. It shows every little spot on my skin that proves that I' worried. Every little bag under my eyes, that shows that sometimes I'm just tired of all of it.
Why should it be visible to just everyone I pass on the street?

My make up is my shelter. It makes me feel more secure and condifent.
And I gladly strip out of it when I'm with people I love and trust.

No one tells me to show my naked body in the public, why they want to see my naked face?

Make-up doesn't make you fake.
The only thing that can make someone fake it their personality.

But if you still consider me as a "faux", just because I know how to do make-up and have the guts to pull it off, then yeah, ok.
I'm fake.
But being fake I am still prettier than you.

And just one more thing: beauty is not only the outside.
It's so much more about your inside. About accepting yourself and knowing how to improve yourself - not only physically.

And I am doing better and better with it every single day.

7 komentarzy:

  1. też tak myślę. ostatnio nawet dostałam pytanie, czy przez używanie maseczek chcę osiągnąć szczyt piękności mwhaha xd
    geez, kobieta chce tylko podkreślić swoje walory makijażem, prawda?

  2. a nawet jesli cos zmienic i ukryc - do cholery, po to to stworzono. jesli ktos ma grube uda i je wyszczupla ubiorem to dobrze, jesli ktos ma male oczy i je powieksza makijazem, to tez zle..

  3. taa, mam podobnie, nie uważam się za "paskudztwo", ale z kredką i tuszem do rzęs jest lepiej ;) po to to wymyślono, czyż nie? Pozdrawiam ;)

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  5. mnie ciagle pytaja czemu sie maluje czy mi nie szkoda cery bo mam dopiero 17 lat, natural beauty ect ect.. co kogo to obchodzi?! moja buzia, moje cialo.
    Nienawidzę gdy ktos sie wtraca ... >.< Albo wlasnie ocenia po wygladzie, a tu niespodzianka ! bo ladna laleczka moze byc fantastyczna a ta ktora wyglada na madra itp itp okaze sie zolza :P Ale... i tak kazdy mysli swoje.. co by inni nie mowili x"D

  6. Cute! love it ;) Follow me when you have the chance!