piątek, 18 listopada 2011

leather pants

Some time ago I made a purchase that I wanted for quite a some time, but always thought it wouldnt' fit me.. Evetually I found a model that fits me and I really enjoy wearing it.. Those are..

Black leather pants!

They look really cool and go well with various outfits. Even with just a normal t-shirt they still look good. I loved havng them last two weekend, when I've been travelling bac and forth to Barcelona, back to Poznan, then to Berlin.. Cheap airlnes how just 10kg luggage limit to I was happy to have a cloth that can create many outfits. Same with Berlin, though I went with a train, I just took a small suitcase with me - because come on, it's just one weekend! And I had t go to class in the morning with the suitcase then take it directly to the train ^^

This is my shopping from the leather pants day:

The only thing I dislike about those pants is the fact that when it's like really cold outside they get sooo cold and it's hard to warm them up again. But I can manage, I don't even stay much outside so it's ok :)

On the first day I wore it to the uni, together with Forever21 loose stripes sweater, pink handbag and nerd glasses :)

From few other times that I've managed to take pictures of, I wore it for a party once:

(kinda satisfied with the volume of my hair, he he he :D)

Also I made a look for JYJ concert with those! HAhaha ok I know I am a hopeless fangirl <3

This one was taken in Barcelona, way way wayyy before the concert started, when I just echanged my tickets for the bracelet ^^

Have I already mentioned how amazing was the concert? Both of them.
God, their lives are just.. Unforgettable. Breathtaking. Incredibly funny. Tear-shading. Perfect.
I don't regret any cent ever spent on them - and that would make a small fortune, considering the fact I own all o their cds, dvds, most of their singles (I mean everythign since their Korean debut as DBSK back in 2003), some photobooks and other official items, as calendars etc.. Been a member of Bigeast for 3 years and.. Yeah all the money spent on concerts.. Since 2007 there hasn't been a year I haven't seen them at least on a-nation ^^ Of course seeing them was just one poit of the journeys I made but still :)
(and Japanese tocket prices are just SICK..)
<3 Ok back to the real world. Probably all of you are already sick with my leather trousers haha. But there are 3 more pictures left ^_^ Some days ago I went with my childhood friend Misia to Malta Lake in our city.. And we have re-done the "photoshoot" we did like 6 years ago.. same people, same place. Different styles, better looking, haha :)

How do you like them?
Hot or not? :P

Check out that crazy shit!

8 komentarzy:

  1. Love your outfit, you look so cute <33

    xoxo xixi

  2. woah, wg mnie wyglądają mega dobrze choć osobiście nie jestem fanką skórzanych spodni :P plus świetnie wyglądają z tą bluzką z 1 zdjęcia :P

  3. Bardzo fajne te spodnie :P i świetnie wyglądasz na wszystkich fotkach xD

  4. xixi - thanks, I have visited your blog, it's awesome! :)

    Arianna - tez w sumie nie bylam, ale jakis czas temu zobaczylam fajne zdjecia z takimi spodniami i postanowilam poszukac :D

    Naiaa - dziekuee ^^

    Magu - WIEEEEM. Ale juz sie troche spral niestety :( Duzo fajniejszy niz to, co sprzedawali na europejskich koncertach. Na obu koncertach pelno osob sie jaralo tym t-shrtem ^^

  5. I love your hair! I really like the color of your hair too. :3

  6. I love the hair, outfit and that pretty face <3 followed you. =)


  7. Audrey - Thanks! I kinda like it too but it bores me a lot lately..

    Trisha - thanks! I'm followng you back :)