sobota, 26 listopada 2011

bye bye teens.

Tomorrow is my birthday.. So those are technically my last hours as a teen!
And I totally HATE IT.

I never wanted to grow up, since I've been 17 I kept on wishing the time would stop and I could stay young.
But guess it's not possible..

The numbers switch and I'm entering twenties. I'm lucky either way, born in the end of November I'm one of the last people born in 1991 to celebrate their birthday :)

I hate my birthday for many reasons, and my birthday this year is probably going to suck not only because I simply would like TO NOT HAVE IT! but also becasue my boyfriend was meant to come here and make me a suprise, which I only was informed about, because eventually due to personal reasons is impossible.. And the plan was so cool, Li and my mu together with one of my best friends (Carol, thank you and I love you!) they planned to take me out party and keep in touch to bring my boyfriend in at midnight.. TT__TT

Lond-distance relationships are so hard. I advice everyone to stay out of it if you still have a chance! :P

Either way I'm going out today because my friends wouldn't let me live is I stayed home!
And here comes the problem..


I kinda wanted to celebrate my birthday with getting myself that amazingly extrely glorious silver Versace for H&M dress but of course I didn't bother to wake up so early in the morning and failed to get it :D
(Maybe that's better, it's not like I could afford it anyway..)

Lately my mood is very bad, and looking at the pictures I decided there are some things that would definitely make up my mood!
(Except for shopping of course :D)

Here is the top 5:


Enric Rosich macarrons! OMG they're the best in the whole world.. The raspberry one is amazing. When I buy them and the box is over, I just die a little inside. ^^;


Hanging out in Barcelona city center.. Just makes me feel nostalgic. The best city in my world. Place that has definitely change my life and where I will always go back..




Party in Sutton!
I miss this club, the memories, the parties, the drunken nights, with the best people, with my friends, the time of our lives. Just moments, careless, carefree stupid and crazy, reckless and fun. Crazy ideas and bad consequences.. Yet still I have no regrets for each night spent there..
Many people met, even more forgotten.. Some friendships just for the party time, and some that may last for life.


That stupid boy.. I love you, idiot <3


Anyone willing to grant me something from my top5? :D

6 komentarzy:

  1. No to wszystkiego najlepszego:)
    Fajne macie czapki.
    Mam nadzieję, że będziesz zadowolona z prezentów i tego wyjątkowego dnia:)

  2. czapki z dzialu meskiego h&m :)

  3. Wszystkiego najlepszego~<33

  4. Czas jest nieubłagany... wszystkiego naj ;) A TOP5 świetny, zwłaszcza miejsce 1. ^^

  5. Thanks!!! But Barcelona is absolutely cool as well!!!

  6. teraz już wiem że są fe :<