wtorek, 8 listopada 2011

Halloween :)

Last weeks were just too busy and crazy to be real.. On Friday 28th of October I went to Warsaw and, after some adventures, such as evacuation of the airport xD, I flew to Barcelona to see my boyfriend and my lovers - JYJ. The weekend was sooo wicked, with meeting friends, going to the concert, meeting friends, all the time wit my boyfriend.. came back on Tuesday night, had 2 days of classes on Thursday and Friday and Friday after class I caught a train and went with my friends to Berlin. Another frends, another parties, and another JYJ concert! Came back yesterday morning and went directly to the class from the train station ^^;

I will prepare a post about the Berlin trip soon, right now I want to show off my cute Halloween Zombie Li to you!
For the Halloween I went with my friends first to the before party at my friends' flat, where we did your make up, and then we went to the Elephant Club Barcelona. Following pictures are form Elephant club webiste!

I'm off to study kanji now, will do another update about Berlin and concerts soon :)

3 komentarze:

  1. Fajna imprezka była sądząc po zdjęciach...i pięknie ozdobiona sala:)

  2. łaaaa super imprezka.
    wyglądałaś ślicznie z tymi kocimi uszkami *__*

  3. aww słodko wyglądałaś :D