wtorek, 6 grudnia 2011


Today is a really nice day. 6th of December is Saint Nicholas' Day, which is celebrated in Poland by giving small gifts to your friends and family, usually sweets and little souvenirs. To me this day has always been an official start of Christmas preparations!
Since the morning you can hear the Christmas songs on the radio and chocolate Santa Claus (saint Nicholas) are just everywhere!

Even though we are all old asses already, together with my university classmates we had decided to continue the school tradition for 6th of December.. Yes, we did the invisible friend! ^_^
For our professors to not feel left out and stuff - we gave them chocolate Santas *^^*

Here are the gifts I got this year:

- hello kitty mirror with small comb and gingerbread hand warmer at the university
- chocolates (there's been more but I left them in my secret sweets shelf xD )
- new publication about Barcelona that I've been waiting for!

I swear my dad has a talent to get new releases.. This book has been release yesterday and I've already had had it today at 7am.
It's kind of a tourism guide about Barcelona, but much more emotional. Includes anecdotes and own stories and experiences from many places, it's said to be written with a really nice language.. The author is a General Consul of Poland in Barcelona so surely he is a diligent person and knows the city well.. Can't wait to read it and walk the routes again when I visit barcelona in the end of the year!

I love reading alternative tourist guides and walk the routes seeing the places I know so well in a totally different logjt.. It's as if.. As if I were seeing all of those places for the first time. Reborn. New. Fresh. Same, but so different.

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  1. Śliczne prezenty, zwłaszcza lustereczko ^^ Pozdrawiam, wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji 6. grudnia ;)

  2. To jest produkt promocyjny :P jako że nie mają już tych duzych w tubkach , sprzedają takie masełko jako gratis do sprzedaży, albo poprostu na sztuki ;3
    Tak 2 zł :3 fajne jest

  3. I've been to Barcelona, love Spain :) so nice of you to give gifts to your profs! :)

  4. Cute blog! You got some cool stuff! I especially love the Hello Kitty mirror!