niedziela, 1 stycznia 2012

New years resolutions..

- be better at blogging!
- loose weight.. High time to work on it.
- be better with my hair and make up.
- save up some money and start making bigger money!
- take a hold of my professional career.
- make my dreams come true
- be a better person.

// written sitting on the bed. January 1st, 2012.

HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE! Hope this year makes your dreams come true. Let it be the best year of our lives!

8 komentarzy:

  1. I just find your blog on polish gyaru forum and I'm so jelous.You look so beautiful.
    I want see your new outfits <3~~

    btw happy new year ^ ^

  2. W takim razie życzę spełnienia tych noworocznych obietnic ;) Pozdrawiam, wszystkiego najlepszego w 2012!

  3. Najlepszego i spełnienia postanowień:)

  4. Happy 2012! I will lose my weight and keep my career either hun! ;) Hey! I have chosen you to do sth .... check my blog out!

  5. These are great resolutions! Hopefully you are sticking to them...! :)
    Good luck~

  6. How you doing? Btw I am doing my 1st happy giveaway basically took me over 5000yen! So plz check it out and hope you will join it! xD ThanX!