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*sponsored review* A66 False Eyelashes - KKCENTERHK

Here's me today in the morning. Tired, and freezing, but with a nce make-up!
I've used new make-up product I got.. Sponsored!

Some time ago I got an e-mail from KKCENTERHK, who offered to sponsor me a product for review. I got my first review offer, I was so damn happy! My blog still has little followers (but I love each and every sinlge of you) so I was really suprised by this offer. Obviously, I said YES.

KKCenterHK is online beauty products shop, located in Hong Kong, that sells mainly Korean and Japanese products, such as wigs, half wigs, false eyelashes, make-up, nail art accessories.. All in quite economic prices! ;)

You can visit their website by clicking *HERE*

The product I got to review are.. False Eyelashes!
Can't get any better, can it? Eylashes are my thing, I love them, I love trying them, using them, checking their "behaviour" and sutff like that in order to find the best ones.

The eyelashes I got from KKCenterHK are:
ES A66 Clear Band Black Natural Fake Lashes

Product Information:
Price: USD$10.01
Brand: ES
Quantity: 10 pairs; re-usable
Shipped from: Hong Kong
Made in: Korea
Glue NOT included

Eye lashes come in a carton box, each pair separated:

As descpription says, there are 10 pairs inside, each seperate.

Here's how the lshes look in a close up:

As you can see, the bands are transparent, which is a big plus - makes using them so much easier! The bands are a bit too long, I guess to fit them into the empty holes in the box, o I suggest cutting the excess off before using (I didn't want any transparent empty band itching my eye corner ^^)

I was glad I got a natural model. I've been looking for some natural lashesh I can use to create the dolly eye effect but wouldn't be too dramatic for University. I hoped those will work out!

So, let's see how they are.

I won't go through the whole make-up progress, so here's my face which is almost done but lacks the most important element - flasies..

Sorry for the stupid ribbon, the fringe was getting in my way :P

Close up for eyes WITHOUT lashes, just my own lashes touched by mascara:

Let's GO GO GO! ;)
As a glue I used DUO by American International Industries. My favourtie eyelash glue ever, BTW.

Makes a difference, right? Although the lashes are not very long and noticeable, the eye looks bigger and better defined. I like the effect!

Sometimes I just can't believe that eyeashes make such a hige difference.. Those are not even much longer than my own lashes with good mascara, but the effect is just totally different.

Satisfied with it, I didn't give up halfway, and finished my make up!
That means... Camwhoring time!

Ok I think I got too into self-admiring.. Hhaha.

Goin back to lashes.

My verdict:
Comfort: 4/5
The band is a bit too long, I had to cut it. However it's a bit stiff, I had to bend then for a while before putting them on. After glueing them on my eyelid though I haven't noticed any discomfort through the whole day I wore them. Hair is very soft and not too shiny.
Effect: 5/5. Those are meant to be NATURAL and - for me - they are! Not too lon, but not too short, not very dense and defined, they're not catching someone's eye instantly, but I can create the huge dolly eye effect with them.
Quality/price relation: Those come off very cheap! It's like, what, 1$ for a pair? They're definitely re-usable - MANY times - and there's 10 of them in the box. It's quite an offer. The only complaint have is that the lashes in the box, well, each of them is slightly different from another ones. I had to spend a while to find a pair of identical ones :) However, I don't think it'd make a huge difference if I'd just taken two random ones.
Shipping: I haven't paid for the shippin so can't really comment on shippin rates, however the package was really neat and well secured.

Overall: 4/5 !

I'm so glad I got them sponsored, the day I run out of them I'm purchasing new box. :P

BTW If you're interested
KKCenterHK is hoding a contest on their facebook page!

Click *HERE* to get more details and visit their Facebook page! :)

- - -

For the very end, my extremly easy University outfit for today:

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  2. Teoretycznie powinnam pochwalić te sztuczne rzęsy, ale... zakochałam się we włosach ^^

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  6. que pelazo se te ve en las fotos agata!

  7. aw you look so pretty like a doll n.n